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Oct 19, 2009
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which is some common insurances that cover the cochlear implant cost? That I really want to know. I have Healthnet insurance and I don't know if they will cover the cost of cochlear implant

I find the interesting information which is a pdf file. Yes i live in California and I have Healthnet HMO plan as well.

use the search bar for cochlear and it show up
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call your insurance and see if they cover those. or look at your coverage booklet if you have one.
definitely call Healthnet first and find out if they provide coverage. If not... Blue Cross does but only after you've been on their insurance plan for a year, 2 years? (since deafness is a pre-existing condition). Medicaid/Medicare usually does but it varies from state to state (Medicaid is state to state at least). There's some others.. Atnea? something like that? I don't know.