I'm on a quest to get married.


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Mar 8, 2011
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If I don't get this job, I'll need health insurance.


I'm serious. TheOracle will be lawfully civil unioned, hitched, or domestic partnershipped before long.
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Alternative: can you apply for student health care? Very cheap, all it takes is being registered for a minimal number of units at any college, IIRC.
Uh...it would be too expensive, plus it doesn't cover me properly. I have epilepsy. Also, I'm not planning on attending full time this year. (Graduate student...)
Apply for Medicare/Medicaid?

You are lucky. You don't have to marry for health insurance. :)

But seriously, I'm going to get it one way or another. And marriage could be it.

does that mean you're open to non-Jewish fellas?
Here is the hard truth about life. Only suckers would be in hurry or in quest for marriage. There are high potential for deadly consequences when one rushes into marriage.

My word of advise, research and see if you can find those who were into successfully marriage after rushing into marriage. I can bet you won't find much of these bozos that proved success.

Here is final truth, Marriage is just piece of paper in legal system that is all. True marriage takes two that wants each other for rest of their life, and not necessarily please the public (Even to relatives).

Yes, I am married guy and it (marriage license) still means nothing to me, even to my wife.
They're are many resources out there to assist you medically. Medicaid, Health Dept. Go to the social services office at the local hospitals.. they usually assist you too. Dr's can give you free samples etc.

But to marry someone just for the Health insurance....:ugh: