I would like to Welcome Redhead to Ad member !


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May 20, 2003
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I would like to introduction Redhead. She is such wonderful lady and cherish her two daugthers and employed for State of Maine to work with clients. We advocate each other what we went through our burden and stressful situation.

I am glad, we become friends after all those situation ! Her older daughter and my younger son are very closer friendships. They only twenty minutes apart when they were born in December 21, 1986. :)

Be cautioned, she is hot and tough lady. :naughty:

~ Sabrina

P.S. Let me know how he is in the bed. ;)
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Redhead is extremly busy to redecoration her new bedroom set. She wants to impressive to a new man to visit her. She wants to make sure everything is looking perfect and fancy. It could be far better than Queen Elizabeth's bedroom. :naughty:

Be patient until she is settled down to redecoration her bedroom. :eek:

~ Sabrina
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