I want a boyfriend, please.

LOL...I don't remember the Empress....but this thread is a humdinger!

She had got so many accounts in the past - the Empress, Miss*Pinocchio and so many more I can't remember top of my head.
She had got so many accounts in the past - the Empress, Miss*Pinocchio and so many more I can't remember top of my head.
I wonder if Alex will unban her it's been 11 years LOL 2005-2016=11

It's late no picking over my math :P
Uh no, the OP didn't get second chance. She had so many chances.. too many accounts. If someone gets permanent, it means they asked for it after given many chances by mod team and they're gone forever... period.
Still, 11 years is a mighty long time just a thought to give her another chance. We all deserve a second chance :)

No, permanent ban is permanent, this forum admin means it.

Miss P has been banned frequently, prior to permanent ban.

I never knew what this emoji could and would be used for.
This is it.
I understand and can relate to almost every side of this post thread.
It is both hilarious and sad. Disappointing and comical. Ironic, being someone who has high standards, myself, but also understand that humans are the most complex species on the planet. Well, minus the Tardigrade. :giggle:

I do hope that you find the man of your dreams, The*Empress. I really do. I saw a picture the other day.. Really hit home for me.
Here's the link to it: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CzKJajgUsAA-2sC.jpg:large ( Copy and paste if it doesn't become a hyperlink). From woman to woman- it's something so valuable to internalize. And I truly believe that it is THEN that the right man will come into your reality. Law of attraction. You will attract him on just a metaphysical level and on a physical, emotional and mental level- bc the man you're asking for- wants a woman who is strong and independent. All the things you are, but aren't- considering you're not out there, doing this. I'm looking at this as a realist, not a kiss-ass friend. Remember, my intentions are to help you.

And to Steel X- You've kept me entertained the whole time! LOLOL - Honest and a bit of a Dick, but what is highlighted is honest. Your wants in a woman are so touching and I commend you for being so vulnerable, which is "more challenging" for a man to do than a woman. I hope you find yours too. :fingersx:

As someone who is is Bi- sexual (I just am attracted to personalities and intentions no matter what body their assigned to or "trapped in"- ) being attracted to the same sex is triggered or discovered by more than a sexual traumatic experience or whatever.. In the case or rape or assaults- It takes someone who is willing to love again. And, yes, they may be repelled by the opposite sex, but there is sooooo much more to it. In the case of being gay- it's naturally being attracted so a person and their features. Even if it happens to be the same as their own.
I couldn't reply to this thread without putting my two-sense in that one. Lol

Well, Roger-out :type: Wishing everyone a Happy New Year (It's Dec 31st, 2016) and also good vibes!!! <3
:cheers: (Wish they were wine glasses Lol)
:bump: don't mind me I didn't realize i had a like in this thread so I rechecked so I had to read from very beginning yep miss p just wanted attention that was it... but I sure ignored this thread till now.. but again should used common sense when it comes to guys. I made many mistakes who doesn't? so have a good one and make 2021 better year cuz 2020 was not great year for all of us. :)