HOW TO: Use Deafness to Your Advantage

Bless your heart! I learned some tricks that worked, too. Neither one of my own babies had colic, but like I said, I babysat several babies who did. I really admire their mothers for sticking it out. One baby, the only way I could get her to calm down, was to sit outside on the porch swing. She enjoyed it so much that I actually brought the porch swing inside so we could use it when she came over. LOL But it can be frustrating when I have tried everything and nothing works...all I can do is just hold the baby with lots of love. My friends tried changing the diet, changing the environment...we even explored the possiblity of maybe the babies having sensory issues (clothing, etc.). Eventually the babies outgrew it and they are all doing great now. But I'll tell you...during the times I was watching them, I sure was glad to be deaf!

Bet my mother wished she was deaf when I had colic as infant. She tried chiropractor and whatever she could use.

We learned that colic can be prevalent in babies who were born a bit early than their due date. Interesting, eh?

If I ever had a baby with colic, I'll leave her with you. ;)

Best use of 'advantage' of being deaf/HOH is to use the Assisted Passage facility employed by all airlines and many public transport systems. When booking flights, ask for Assisted Passage and you will get VIP treatment at airports - no queuing at passport control, VIP channels all the way! Some airports even provide a wheelchair (even if you're not physically disabled!) so that you don't have to endure all those long walks to and from the departure gate and you get pre-boarded!

Here's some stuff that used to work for me in the past by just being the deaf person that I am. This might or might not work for you.

- If a hearing person came up to you to try and sell you some crap, just point at your ear and do the cut-throat gesture and he will leave you alone.

- When you go to the movie theater, buy a senior citizen movie ticket. If the movie ticket collector won't let you in, ask to speak to the manager. Then tell the manager that you're deaf, and since the movie does not provide subtitles (make sure it's true), it's not fair that you have to pay the full price.

- If you get pulled over by the police, make sure you put a smile on your face first, and when the cop approaches you, gesture to him that you're deaf and need paper and pen to write. Most likely, the cop will either give you a warning or tell you to go fly a kite.

That's all I can think of for now. If you know of a way to use your deafness to your advantage, share it with us here!
I've done it once. I had to bus up to Dallas for my mom and I went voice off and pretended full deafness all the way there. I couldn't understand the loudspeaker at all, and I didn't want to chance not hearing my bus and missing it. They set me in the VIP section so they could find me and helped me find my bus.

At one point a nice military guy saw me signing to one employee and spoke to her after I sat down. Turned out he was asking what bus I'd be on and then he sat next to me the whole time and escorted me on the right bus. (He was getting on that bus as well)

The only problem I had was a man at the transfer station, I wanted to be sure it was my bus because there were 2 where the woman was pointing and the man checking the passengers wouldn't LOOK at me. It was REALLY loud out there and I wasn't sure if he could see what I was showing him because he wouldn't acknowledge me....then clear as a bell I heard some guy at the back yell "SHE'S DEAF, A**HOLE!" LOL
I've gotten Mormons knocking on my door and they turned out to know ASL, too... :roll:

I have few hearing friends who are very fluent in ASL, they like to take advantage of that and pretend to be "deaf." I don't know why they even do it... A friend tried to get out of the speeding ticket that way, but it didn't quite work for him.

I tried this once. I am not sure if they were mormons, jehovah's witnesses, or what, one of those traveling soliciting types, lol

Anyway after I bought my first house they came to the door. I can read lips and speak well, but I shook my head and pointed at my ears and shut the door.

A week later, another couple from the same church/religion whichever, shows up again. As soon as I open the door they start signing. :shock:

After I regained my composure at the persistence of whatever cult this was, I clearly spoke and shook my head and "mimed" the concept of "Um, I don't know what you're saying!" and shut the door.

I thought it was over until a month later when they sent a hearing team again. Again, I pulled the "deaf" card and shut the door.

A month later, they sent a deaf team. I played the "hearing" card and shut the door.

And on and on it went like this until I just finally stopped answering the door. At that point, they rang the doorbell twice a day, every day, until again resumed the game I had apparently started with them.

It doesn't end there.

I moved some years later into an RV. Now, RV parks are set up so that you are only as permanent as you want to be - you can stay a day or a year. So I kind of didn't really have a permanent address. THEY FOUND ME. And the game began again! I was creeped the HELL out.

I moved to another RV park and at that point it finally seemed to stop. I am now in a house again and have had the good sense to not answer the damned door. :giggle:
This past weekend I was at a fraternity party that was actually a huge water fight, so of course I was not wearing my HA. Ended up on guard duty to keep non-brothers from going upstairs, and we discovered that I made a really good guard because guests who wouldn't take no for an answer could make excuses/curse me out all they wanted and I wouldn't care. I enjoyed watching the figurative smoke pouring out their ears at my complete lack of reaction. Trololol.
Sleeping in the next room over from a party.
People whose voices induce headaches.
People forgetting that I can read their lips.