How Often Do You Go To Gym?

I go out to road cycle everyday .... "free gym membership" :lol:
Same ,10 miles round trip town and back, not so much by choice, broke back makes car ride painful, but I cheat use E bike have to :ily:
Once a week for gym and once a week for hydrotherapy exercises swim class.
I go to the gym 6 days a week. Monday, Tues, Thursday, and Friday I generally do about 3 workouts (strength and conditioning in the mornings, BJJ, and MMA/kickboxing in the evenings. Wednesday is only BJJ and MMA and Saturday is just strength/conditioning.
I played sports 3-4 times a week with my mother who made me do it with her. Now I do it much less often because my mother started menopause and has become less active, very irritable and has had poor sleep. I bought her Premarin Cream with estrogen which has improved the situation and now she continues to lead an active lifestyle but not as in the past as she is already an older woman
Maybe you need an active boyfriend who enjoy playing sports with you
I try to do my walking every day about 15 minutes and trying gitting into an exercise call plank ...I live way in the country to bother going in town ..
We sound similar. I live way out in the country. I walk about an hour and use a plank app. There is an app that makes Plank work outs starting at Beginner, Intermediate, and Hard. It increases daily for a month on each setting.
Didn't know there's an app for plank ...I just saw it online last yr and some do one minutes but am gonna do 10 seconds count then rest for 10 sec ..Will do
4 sets of 10 seconds and 3 sets of 10 seconds rest ..
I already done my walking , I was late in that , was very busy all day..
Am resting a few moments then do my plank ...
I use to do 40 sets ups every morning for few months then stop , my mistake ...
Worked up to doing 80 sets up ...not sure will git back into it ..

Will do my plank every evening for a month and see if it really works as they say ...
If it works out well then I will keep doing that ...til when I can't......