How are you feeling today?....

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Apr 22, 2007
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I was feeling so patriotic today for some reason, must have been the weather as it was really nice!...And several times, in all the heavy traffic, people stopped to let me get thru when I needed to turn, and there was no light....I waved and signed "ILY"....and humming "God Bless America"...while I was shopping.
I feel very brain dead... Have been all afternoon. Just... Not in this world.
Today, I am feeling a little optimistic, but not much.
Me, too... I feel low, I don´t know why... I guess something do with miserable weather... I keep on positive... :P
Me too!! Just wish for some good news once in a while!!
Just got back from a law exam, I've either written a pretty decent essay or not answered the question bet's on the latter :/
I read your first post and got me smiling. LOL im tired. Nothing new. all i need is to have faith! :)
Trying to make my dream come true ,its taking time for it cant happen quick enough .im thinking my kids need something for the not trying to let my hearing loss stop me.or my heath isues. I want to prove to my family and friends.i can do this recently I have descoverd I want to be in a band.and loss some pounds off my bod,im also waiting for vr.i want myy own catering bis ..
I am feeling on top of the world! This new guy, I am getting to know is making me melt. He text me first thing in the morning , he's the BEST!
I'm feeling.... neutral. Kind like how the Griffins felt in Purgatory.

Lois Griffin: So, Peter, where shall we go for your week off?
Peter Griffin: Well, I... I was thinking we could all go to Purgatory like we did last year!
[it switches to the Griffins floating in front of a plain white background]
Lois Griffin: This isn't bad... it's not that good, but y'know... it's not that bad.
Brian Griffin: It's so-so.
Peter Griffin: Yeah... more or less...

[ame=]Family Guy Pergatory Vacation - YouTube[/ame]
tired!!!! but a bit better now that I've had some Dr Pepper (yay caffeine!) and some food for lunch.
VNG Test

Today I feel hopeful. I think it is going to be a good day.

You were so right about your side effects from the VNG test. I can't get rid of this headache and nausea. Just want to feel better for a change
Bored. On a conference call...but just listening.
On the down low today....seems it's gonna rain and get so much to do....but no motivation to get started....oh well, there's always tomorrow.
Down, dumpy, bored, fretful. That about sums it up.
Felt somewhat apprensive today Alligators were spotted by the dock, a big mamma and her baby....they come and go at random....and whenever I see my doggie barking at the river bankment....I tell her to get her ass in this house :giggle:
However, the 'Gators cannot climb up the enbankment as it's too high...but any animal could fall in there on accident :eek3:...and thinking of that stray cat we saw the other day that was down the enbankment at low tide...looking for food....we fed it...and hopefully it won't go down that enbankment too often.
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