Holy cow!

The Joker

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Aug 22, 2014
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Didn't know people were that big. Or pic is faked

yep, theyve been excavting very large humans in other countres this past decade or so
We will believe everything we see on the net...
Is better that way...
Maybe that is an alien...
Thanks for noticing. I moved it to General Chat, the OP's post is moot to be on topic debate.

It's fake. I don't know why this is in On-Topic Debates.
lol..skull of x president most of them big headed
I like how shallow it's buried. That's the best part IMO. So old that history forgot there were giants, but it's less than a foot under the surface. :-P
Maybe that is an alien...

Maybe. Maybe Aliens are Giants. And they should do a remake of the TV show land of the Giants. But this time we are the Giants and we landed on a planet full of little people. Remember this TV show?

I remember seeing that video of elvis dancing with jesus....
Since it was a vid...
It must be true...