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Aug 5, 2011
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Hi All deaf, I am new to this forum. My wife and I began taking ASL classes at the beginning of this year. I am hearing and my wife is deaf and we began ASL because her hearing aids don't seem to be helping anymore. My wife has been deaf since birth and we have been together for almost 8 years now and we need, of course learn this language.
We have begun getting involved with the deaf community and have been to events. We recently went to a silent dinner and it brought joy into my heart to watch my wife interact with others. All these years, without ASL, she has difficulty understanding a whole conversations with people who are hearing. This night, I saw the happiness in my wife's face as she signed to others and I was very impressed with how well she is at ASL. My wife is very intelligent and she seems very happy with learning ASL, she is so hungry for this knowledge.
Myself, on the other hand have been struggling with ASL, but I am learning but not as fast as my wife is learning. I understood to a point and I know I will never fully understand being deaf, but watching her sign at the silent dinner and myself trying to understand the conversations, I only caught some and not a whole conversation. I was frustrated at times, with myself for not putting in more time to ASL. However, I watched my wife and she was so happy, it was then I realized, even more, how hard it has been for her over the years without ASL.
We have been doing ASL tutoring classes over summer and have gotten a lot of the family involved. Our two oldest daughters are taking these classes with us, but the two little ones we try and show them ourselves(more my wife). Grandparents, aunts and cousins have been taking these tutoring classes with us, makes myself and my wife very happy. I hope that I haven't wore out my welcome with a long drawn out story, but I am so happy for my wife and her new found voice. Any help and advise would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
Aww... I think that's just the sweetest damn thing I've ever read. Then again I guess it would only be fair if I let everyone know that I'm the wife you're referring to :D

My husband joined this forum after I told him how much reading here has helped me to feel less inferior as an individual and also helped me to understand more of who I am and what I can become. I also told him about the wealth of knowledge you can find just by reading some of the threads in the forum.

A little background about myself, I was born deaf and raised oral within a completely hearing family and circle of friends. I had never even met another D/deaf individual until a few months ago at the ripe old age of 31. Up until then I would have referred to myself as HOH or even the dreaded Hearing Impaired because that is what everyone in my life referred to me as, but quite honestly I can put a blaring smoke detector flush against either ear and not hear a single thing. HOH didn't quite seem to describe me once I joined the forum and began to read.

My husband is extremely supportive and does everything he can to ensure that the kids and I are happy and constantly puts us before himself. He really wants to read more on D/deaf issues so if anyone here who reads this can link him to threads on the forum that you think he would be interested in or even articles from the web we would both be extremely grateful. :ty:
Hi Guys! Welcome to AllDeaf! You two are funny! I think it is sweet too that you two are taking up sign language together! Good luck and welcome! :)
Hii all....
I am new to this forum. I hope to get acquainted well with you all
:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. That is amazing that you are signing to communicate with her and to help her communicate with Deaf people at the Silent Dinners. Going to the Deaf social events is a must for all Deaf people to just communicate for conversations about many things. It open the doors for every deaf people who were just starting out to learn sign language like ASL. Good for you.

I hope you enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave:
wow, I love seeing this :) What a great experience for all of you!
Thank you for the warm welcomes and Alldeaf is a great forum. I have been reading other posts and have found a lot of information that is helping me with learning about the deaf culture and ASL. I am still struggling with ASL but I am getting there slowly.
Thank you

Thank you all for the warm welcome, I have tried and post before but for some reason, not seeing my posts so here we go again. Working very hard with learning ASL it's coming along. I have been looking through other post on Alldeaf and have gotten more advise from others and this is GREAT!

Please read every threads of this forum and share your thoughts with us!

It sounds very sweet to me about your wife. Glad she is comfortable using ASL more than speaking. The more I think you are a great husband that you are being part of her life is ASL. :)