Hey Alex, New Smileys Wanted...pls

what abt that one?


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The following smilies have been added to the database:

1) :ily:

2) :nana:

3) :applause:

4) :deaf:
hey alex why don't u add this posting for :-X So poeple can use that to shut thier traps ???? wouldn t be that bad to use.... can we alex please please please :angel: batting eyes :)
FYI alex, something's wrong with one of the smilies everyone someone uses a *cool* smiley, it gives out some sort of code ??? ( will repost in the upgrade thread so u can catch it
in both threads :) )
The problem with the smilies occurred after the software upgrade. I'm also aware of the "funny" codes being revealed in posts. That would mean reinstalling all smilies from scratch, and that's something I'll do in order to fix the problem.

Thanks for letting me know, Java. :)
I noticed peeps using :X and that there's no smiley set for it.. Could one be installed for :X ? I'll try finding the smiley or make one!
I have smiley icons..

If u like it.. take this...


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I have lot of smiley icons in my folder files.. If u wanna see it.. Let me know..
I'll be very happy to post here more... Pretty awful lot.. LOL