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Apr 23, 2003
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Hello my name is Leandro, I am of Argentinean also I am deaf. them control greetings to all the deaf people! pardon I am bad in english but jeje ;) ;) ;)
Welcome to AD! How did you find out about alldeaf.com?
Uh...I don't read nor speak spanish, if that's what it is. :dunno: But, hey, welcome to "English" spoken AD2. ;)
:shock: :shock: :ugh:
je, this good is no problem that I continue writing English bad, I am going to hold!
:cool: :cool: ;)

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Originally posted by L e a D a m
That good they are all. Che are some know to speak Spanish?:gossip: :grouphug:

my ex lover is spanish from Nicaragua (she is hearing) and i learned some spanish but have since forgotten it :( most of the latino community here are from El Salvador, Honduras or Mexico (mostly from Central America)
if that, I to learn from the computer by programs, games, several who are English... and asi fights it fights! single I! also the language english is world-wide are used.
Welcome to Alldeaf.com and you shall never leave! :twisted: Hehe