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Jul 26, 2021
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Hi. I'm Judy and I'm new here. I have had Meniere's Disease since my teens (I am now 50) and am/have been HoH since high school. My hearing has gotten worse over the years. I was involved in the Deaf Community in southern CA, but after we moved to AZ, all of the Deaf events I could find are several hours away. I finally decided to try online for some friends since everyone I know is hearing and usually doesn't "get it" when it comes to hearing issues. So here I am. <3
there you are! im 62 severe profound since birth. no asl. hear and lipread. in georgia where its cool!
:welcome: Judy, I was in a deaf dessert same, other reasons moved near big city, now near deaf folk, sorry for you, net not same, but something, best wishes, maybe you can start something there? If library close try,post,consult in my dessert found some help there:ily::hug: