Got my first car at work...


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Apr 7, 2003
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Got my first car strike. Here is a video I took.

Guy apparently missed a turn and turned onto the tracks. He admitted to me and the signal maintainer that he had a few drinks. He told the cops and us that he broke down there. Funny thing is, why was he on the tracks with the front of his car pointing at us. If he did break down, we would have t-boned him. Thankfully, we got about 30 seconds advanced warning of him on the tracks (another train building their train in the West Springfield Yard) radioed in. We were doing 40 and got our train down to about 10 before hitting him. If we didn’t get the warning, we would have really punted that car. Thankfully, the driver was out of the car before impact.


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Gee by the look of the car, if it was t-boned - It would have not been looking good at all. I just can imagine how awful it could have been. That guy is very lucky that he got out safely but as for the drinking matter *shaking my head* When will people learn not to drink and drive?
Ouch, lucky that person didn't get killed. That must have been a scary experience when you were riding the train.

Now, you can paint a car on your train.

For every car you hit, you add a car... ;)
The funniest part was when he said "I hope I didn't damage your train". I tried not to laugh and told him that all I cared about was that no one got hurt. I was surprised that no company officials showed up there. I was basically in charge. Later on that trip, a road foreman (Supervisor) met up with us and got all the information off the data recorder (AKA Black Box). We also had one of the newer engines with a camera. I would love to see that footage.
He's lucky...

Since my grandfather(never meet, my dad's real dad) and dad's uncle(never meet him also) died in train/car accident during 55 to 65 mph for train and my father's car went maybe 35 mph? And they don't have warning tech for people that train is coming up.... Red light flash or having something that have block cars from going over the train track, it happened in 1960.
ouch but glad no one get hurt wow I see that the hood of the car look bad damages :Ohno:
I've had 2 friends that were killed by a train.. Ironically, my first friend was 26 and was on his way to cash his paycheck on a friday.. a train crushed the van and killed him instantly. two months later, my other friend was 17 was also killed on the exact same track. weird and spooky.

Luckily the driver was okay.. Its pretty annoying when they drink and drive and think nothing will happen. I surely hope this is a wake up call for the driver. He may not be lucky next time
Ouch he's very lucky to be alive. :nono: for drink and drive.
Yea, have seen footage showing train engine smashing vehicle including tanker. I have seen train pushing car for about half mile at low speed! Nothing beats trains! I have some relatives in my family that works on railroad, including controller as well. My son goes crazy over trains! He is only 6 years old.

Looks like this car is totalled, I don't know if insurance would cover due to drink and drive, usually that would result insurance refusal of coverage. Guess his own problem, hope he learns lesson.