I don't do this, but I have a friend on FB that does this all the time. Well, now I have two FB friends that do it now that JClarke has joined the Geocaching fun. I may try it sometime, but all I have is an iPhone 4 which may not be accurate or even capable of this at all.
I have been geocaching for a year now, have collected 300 caches already. Dixie, have you had done the experiment so far? What did you think?
I can't get into geocaching.... it doesn't appeal to me. maybe one day..... but I doubt it :lol:
Not snowboard, per chance?

nope. btw - the reason why geocaching or munzee does not appeal to me because it's not very challenging to me. I would prefer this way - get dropped in middle of nowhere.... and with just map and compass... I have to find my way to PZ.
I'm going to start doing this. Not really for hunting treasure :D but it's a good way to go out and explore my new state. I was going to do the stamp thing, well maybe I'll do both :D
I am a Geocacher and I absolutely love it. I wish that I had someone to go with in my area though. It isn't as much fun to do by myself. :(