Finally bought a farm

Picked up some new chicks today to add to my flock, these are Americaunas aka Easter Eggers due to their colorful eggs ( blue, green, yellow.... They will be kept indoors about 2 months before they are ready to go outside with the others, I also need to build a larger coop/run now.
Been cutting down a patch of Cedars to make room for a garden, Just burned all the brush from 4 trees today. Still have 10 more to fell.
almost cleared.....
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got posts set for fencing and a visitor... 12 visitors to be exact, hiding in the wood pile
Congrats on your farm! My hubby wants us to buy a farm and raise baby goats. Not sure why he is fascinated with baby goats. LOL!
Been a work in progress.... 5 acres, no restrictions. Hunting, starting some land clearing for the garden and enlarging my chicken coop for more.
Should be doing a vlog on YouTube to show off your hard work. I would watch it.
Coons got all 12 of my egg layers back in August, so we have all new hens (8 Americuanas aka Easter Eggers, 2 Buff Orphingtons and 2 Rhode Island Reds ) they should be laying this spring. I got the coop protected by a solar electric fence and a back up plug in charger. So far so good. And as soon as I find the Den, Ill have some coon hats !


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I think iPhone is the only OS (Operating System) that gives you a choice of what size to send an image file in.
Coons very greasy be sure to keep the fat, skunks make good hats too, possums not so much:fart: