Does your parents approve or disapprove on the things you've done in your life?

hmm I mostly never got into anything to cause my parents to disapprove. However, when my husband asked my dad's permission to marry me, dad said no cuz I just graduated from high school. We were very determined to get engaged so we did it anyways. They like my husband and dont mind me to date/marry him but just want me to finish college FIRST. So I went to college and plan to get married after freshman year but we realize we cant afford it, so wait til finish sophmore year but still cant afford. We finally realized mom and dad right so we did wait til after I graduate college. I was so glad I did wait and it was soo worth the wait. We wouldnt have made it if we hadnt waited. Plus our love grow stronger while we were in college and we know each other even more (even though we dated 4 years in high school and 4 years in college total 8 years before finally married).
Also, my parents wouldnt let me date until I was 16 so when I was 14-16 I was his girlfriend but only can see each other is my house (NOT his), church, school, and high school football. Til on 16th bday finally can ride in his car and go to his house, out to eat and on real date. I remmy I was so frustrated and embarrassed but he seem not mind :) But he is 3 years older than me. I love him so much :)
good thread.

back in my childhood, basically i was what my conservative parents wanted. speak from my mouth and lip read to communicate, attend their church, no drug, no sex and more.

thanks to colleges, RIT and Gallaudet where i found myself and experienced many stuff that my parents didn't approve. i was like who cares what they think.

now, i am settled down with career, home and expanding family. my parents couldnt be more proud of me and respect my liberal perspective.
Lemme me see....

My mom doesn't approve that I go out late nite ( I told her I am not 16 anymore, I am 23!!), at first she hate when I dye my hair now she don't care...

For my cop dad.... First time he saw me with purple hair last week, he TOTALLY KILLED ME!! because when I was chatting with other cop friend, tought dad had day off, somehow he came behind me, shook me on my backpack, then I turned around, I said relax!!!! He said WHY??? I told him "wanna look diff" he said "The fashion police want to arrest you!" I was like :rofl: abd said "I'm like Dennis Rodman here!" (for ones don't know who Dennis Rodman is.. he was most craziest NBA player, always have weird color on hair, and marry himself expect that I am not married to myself)... I am sure he will have to put up with me on monday and tuesday!!!
lol after my mom died i became totally hellious, rebelious kid so anything i did no one approves.. not even my own friends but that time i did not care then i grew up and learned how to choose carefully, to figure the results if its good or not, and sometime listening to older people.

my dad used to disapprove everything but now... our relationship is getting better since i dont get to see him as often as before so now i tell him everything and most of time hes cool with it but once in a while he will offer advice or sometime takes over which most of time was a relief for me.

my grandparents will never approve of me unless i becomes devoted christian which is something i honestly cant imagine to be anytime soon. So now whenever i go visit them i have to put mask on in order to avoid any nasty agruements :( i hate it! but i feel i have to because they are getting really old and doesnt need my shit.

my sister is still struggling with the fact that im a bi because she was being raised by grandparents and she also hides things from grandparents but she doesnt push about it anymore because i told her she got two kids to worry about plus herself plus her hubby... thats more than enough for her.. she doesnt need me to be on that list. after that we got along great as long as we dont discuss touchy subjects but one thing is cool... i could go vent to her about anything now. she will listen and she will voice her opinions but no agruements.

i am 23 yrs old but will always have people disapproving me or my actions until i proved them otherwise. i accept that and i think i already proved it to my dad and my sister. (hope so)
My Adopt parents are critizited me for many years raised hell rotten.. (long story)
When I turn to 16 yrs old and escaped from my A-parent's place and stayed youth shelter coventant Centre for few wks and found a place to live my own. Still ongoing attend school and part time job.. My A-Parents still disaproved me what am I doing living my own and still ongoing attend school/part time job.. They want me back home w/them.. I refused, I knew they want control me for being slave on the different chores.. They do noth'n around the chores just me! *FUK*
I'm glad I got my own.. I'm happy..
Found a guy turns me sour.. I got 1st son.. *decide* move another town far away from Toronto. I'm happy my own living and have wonderful son raised small town.. then met MR.Right guy.... I'm happy w/him and then married and become extra 2 kids.
My A-parents gave it up and leave me alone and let me happy my own life.

Oh well..
sometime I did disapprove my kids doing wrong ways.. that important for them to make sure understands.. I do not want critizite my kids.. just let them know which it's wrong way.. That's all :)
i think the hardest part of being parents is to make kids understand that parents dont just disapprove of their kids for nothing... theres a reason and it usually is for their own good...

ofc there may be "too much" disapproving, also there may be wrong type of disapproving but in most cases theres a reason for parents to scold, disapprove, yelling, etc but they were trying to teach their kids....

the funny thing (i think) is .. most of time kids doesnt understand till themselves grew up and maybe till get to the point where they have their own children before they realized wow my mom/dad/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/etc was right
<-- pic of me with dad taken yesterday, notice my hair is fading purple and back to normal colors?

Yesterday my dad said "your hair color is coming back-Don't do it again", and I asked him "If I do, will you kill me?" He said yes! He want me dye hair blond streaks or tips on my hair... I said blue? He said NO! so I will just listen to him.
My parents got NO RIGHTS to disapprove on the things I have done.

I told my mom to stop complaining about my hair not being comb or
not dressing right....

Because I don't do drugs, I am not homosexual, I am not doing
anything terrible... such as having unprotected sex with many men
or anything like that.

All I did was went to COLLEGE and try to achieve my goal...
And studying hard and out there trying to get a job.

And I told my mom that she needs to back off a little bit...
and stop being so hard on me... cause it is not
my fault that I can't get a job, it is because people out there
are so ignorant and won't hire me because of my Treacher Collins Syndrome.