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I remember once someone totally butchered my first name while trying to spell it: they spelled it 'Jaiysdon'... Not sure where they got the 'd' from, but I can somewhat understand the other letters being placed there. :P

Growing up there were many in the same class that had the same name as myself. The only way we could tell who was talking about who was to use the first initial of the last name.

I didn't mind it much, it was my maiden name that bothered me. It's very German and the pronunciation is similar to a derogatory term of the certain male...appendage.
Yeah i really love my name because it's easy lol my full name is abdulmuneem so my nickname is muneem so friends call me :) they never spell it haha
just found I named after grocery shop and mlddle name after hospital mother had me in:)..Allways thought she named me after carole lombard
I like my name because I chose it. I disowned my ***hole abusive family a few years ago and called myself the female French way of spelling a nickname I was given by friends and called for years. That way when anyone says or writes it I don't have to think to respond to it. My birth name is distant history now and I don't answer to it.
I have a very famous name, like through internet sames like mine, are shared with those owns corporates or banks or real estates!..geez I wish!!

and when i was a child i wanted a name like Steve Austin...

i don't like my first name, it sux, rather it be something like Jarvis, or Eugene, or Neil, or Raymond, or Edward or "Eddie" that would be cool nickname....blah but have to respect what my mama and poppa gave me...:roll::cool2:
No matter what you call me...never call me by my middle name which is "Faye"....I hated it so much!