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With that lethal boots... wonder if we will know who the 30th fatalities with your nutkick? :hmm:

About time a mod makes this modest request...


(Poor baby! :lol: )
I was at a buddies house the other day, his daughter in high school had left her math book out. There were symbols in there I have never seen before. It was not higher math just algebra but different. I was never a math whiz but did well with all the electrical mathematical theory and all of that back when. Whatever that new math was did not apply at all to real world formulas. Maybe it applies to accounting or something. I did not get a chance to quiz her on it. She probably would have escaped any way she could if I had. :lol:

Math symbols typically don't change because they are universally recognized symbols. Math can be easily related to real world problems and solutions, but the problem is that most math teachers are not helping students make the connection between math and the real world. For instance, many algebra topics can be related to the real world in which students understand how math allows for technology such as cars, computers, etc. Even with geometry, it can easily be applied to shapes that we see everyday like a soda can, shapes used in landscaping, etc.

LOL Perhaps she was taking a trigonometry course?

Perhaps an Algebra with Trigonometry course? :)