Deaf transsexual raped and attempted murder


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Dec 21, 2005
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The Pueblo Chieftain Online :: Warrant issued in attempted murder, rape of transsexual

Warrant issued in attempted murder, rape of transsexual
Suspect denied involvement when questioned.
TRINIDAD - Police are investigating the alleged rape and attempted murder of a transsexual man visiting Trinidad for a sex-change pre-operation procedure.

The man labeled as a person of interest in the alleged offense has been identified as Marcus Lee Watlington. The report obtained by The Pueblo Chieftain did not state where he is from or his age.

Watlington was interviewed by police and denied all involvement in the assault.

The police department is waiting for results from a rape kit that was sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. A male suspect sexual assault kit also has been sent to CBI.

District Attorney Frank Ruybalid said, as of Friday, there had not been an arrest. According to a police report, on July 16 the police department received a 911 call regarding a female party that was found in a room at the Trinidad Motor Inn bound at the feet and hands with a telephone cord, not clothed and injured.

Upon arrival detectives discovered that the victim, who was hearing impaired, also had been sexually assaulted with a wooden coat hanger.

The victim, who according to reports, was from California but had spent some time in Washington state, had been residing at the hotel during a stay in Trinidad.

The report stated that the victim, 25, had an appointment with a local doctor about a transgender surgery on July 15.

The victim had gone to the motel's lobby at about 9 p.m. on July 15 to use one of its computers. According to the report, it was there that the suspect entered the scene.

The suspect was described by the victim as being a short black man with short hair containing red and blond highlights. The suspect said he was from Pennsylvania.

Police Chief Charles Glorioso told a Trinidad newspaper that the victim "described him to a ‘T.' ''

Glorioso could not be reached for comment Saturday.

According to the report, police, using a sign-language interpreter, gathered statements from the victim.

According to the report, the suspect attempted to talk to the victim in the hotel lobby. After leaving to go back to her room, the victim said that the man from the lobby knocked on her door.

The report stated that the suspect was very adamant about wanting to come into the room and was "eyeballing" the victim’s body, up and down. The victim refused to allow him in and said that the suspect left. The victim then went to bed.

A short time later, the victim said, the suspect knocked at the door again before forcing his way in. He then allegedly forced the victim onto the bed.

The report stated that the suspect directed pejorative terms for homosexuals at the victim, forced the performance of sexual acts upon him and sexually assaulted the victim with a coat hanger.

The report stated that the suspect then dragged the victim into the bathroom, filled up the bathtub and attempted to drown the victim. The suspect also allegedly grabbed a hair dryer in the bathroom and plunged it into the bathtub with the victim, in an apparent attempt at electrocution.

The electrical breaker, however, dislodged from the wall plug and foiled the attempt.

According to the report, the victim was then was allegedly dragged back to the bed where the suspect bound the victim's feet and hands together with a telephone cord. Before leaving, the suspect allegedly slapped the victim, using more epithets and said people like that should not come to Trinidad.

The victim was discovered late the following morning, still tied up, and was taken by ambulance to Mount San Rafael Hospital.

Based on evidence collected, the report stated that possible charges of false imprisonment and sexual assault can be filed.
It's like Boy Don't Crying, only that person that did successful had transexual then later, happen next. Yike...
I have so many questions about how this ended(or if it even has). Does anyone know where I can find more information about this? All I can find is just this one article.
why don't you e-mail to Anthony Mestas? He's email it's below the article in the link above! I won't put it here because it might look like spam :)
I did actually, a couple of days ago and have received no response yet. That is why I wondered if anyone else had any another other information. Looks like I might have to forget about this case or wait and see if the author of the article emails me back.
my question is, did the rapist know he was transsexual or did he thought it was just another female ?
Yes that is him. He lives close to my neighborhood and is currently dating one of my more "naive" and "gullible" friends. That is why I am so curious about this case and am frustrated I can't find anything about this. Usually rape cases grab alot of publicity no matter how small the town but this one just sort of drops of the face of the earth.
Hahaha! I should totally do that. Except the author emailed me back and said that no other information was available and the CBI was still investigating.
There was a case in Dublin last year were a guy after having a few beers at a nightclub [got lucky!] and went home with a beautiful asian girl. Waking up the next morning to discover he had slept with a transsexual. [surely he must of known during their night of passion??] Unable to cope with what had happened he cut the poor girls throat. Thankfully she survived. In court the doctors said it was some time before they realised they had been treating a guy!
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please any help would be appreciated

I did actually, a couple of days ago and have received no response yet. That is why I wondered if anyone else had any another other information. Looks like I might have to forget about this case or wait and see if the author of the article emails me back.

What was your friends name? Was it Sasha?
I'm freaking out because I think I am engaged to this man now
Please let me know what u can..I don't know what to do about this....