Deaf or Hearing-impaired

how shall the public call us?

  • Hearing-Impaired

    Votes: 5 17.9%
  • Deaf/hard of hearing

    Votes: 22 78.6%
  • hearing loss

    Votes: 1 3.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
By this time in my life it doesn't matter what you call me- I'm sure I've had that "label" applied to me at one time or another either by me, the school system, doctors or family.

Unfortunately in general, society seem to grasp "hearing impaired" a lot easier than "deaf" or "hard of hearing"- at least in my experience with my more recent job hunting, problems with my hearing aids and trying to hear the recruiters and/or trying to get them to communicate via email only (or text for that matter). There's still a ways to go I think for the hearing populace as a whole to really understand the nuances (if there is any) between what is deaf, hard of hearing or anything else. To them deaf=hard of hearing=hearing impaired regardless of how much or how little one can hear with or without hearing aids.

I don't particularly mind hearing impaired... its the same level as vision/visually impaired (or sight impaired if you will). I don't think I have ever called myself anything else than that.. I'm not blind.. nor am I any longer legally blind (not since lens implants) but I do know I still have problems with seeing things etc so what do I call myself?

Interesting question...
I have had bike customers call me the text guy. Whatever. Let's have some fun and roll with the punch.
I have had bike customers call me the text guy. Whatever. Let's have some fun and roll with the punch.

I think the public should go with dhh, deaf/hard of hearing. The reason being that it works for those who don't want to be called hearing impaired, and it works for those who don't care if you call them hearing impaired. It seems like the majority who call themselves hearing impaired don't care about it as strongly as those who don't want to be called HI. The best thing would be to say use dhh unless the person tells you "call me HI", that way you can use the right term that the individual identifies with.
It is my right not wanting to be associated with that label, "impaired". I have had bad experiences with it.

If u want to be called "impaired" feel free. I don't care but don't criticize me or others for not wanting to be associated with that label.

Goes both ways.

That is true, no two people reaction the same , I was saying because of what I been through in life I don't take it personal . I think part of the trouble is very time someone new join up and use the term 'hearing impaired' everyone is all over that person. And people say we do not like being called that. I feel it would be best for a person to speak for their self and not everyone.
I voted. I rather be Deaf, but hearing people called me hard of hearing which I am not (mainstream schools). :roll:
So bummed! The poll is closed. I can't vote it. I would vote for Deaf and Hard of hearing over hearing impaired. My parent used to call me hearing impaired when I was in mainstream school. I joined to Deaf school. I learned about Hearing impaired vs Deaf/hoh through deaf education class. I decided to to call Deaf myself. I told my parent that I'm Deaf not hearing impaired. They respected my choice to be Deaf over hearing impaired.

That is so funny. I remember that I asked my cousin is your baby son deaf? She got mad at me for say deaf. She called her son as hearing impaired until he is 5 years old. Finally she called him deaf instead hearing impaired. She think Deaf is an offended. That was simple question. Ugh! She is the bitch Audist! She was in denial about her son is Deaf to her family and friends.