Deaf culture - do's and don'ts, etc. Let's make a list!

For hearing women, a 'do's is actually do consider coplutate with a deaf guy, for you hearing woman dont have to worry about making faking your moans.. lol
As a bilateral DEAF adult the choice to consider a Cochlear Implant was wholly mine. I was not forced by any hearing person. Presumably an "urban myth" spieled by deaf Militants within the local group.

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I hate when I tell people I am hoh and they cover their mouths and or whisper ‘can you hear me’
I am HOH and I pretty much only surround myself with people who are patient. It gives me a lot of anxiety to ask people to repeat themselves, especially in class/at work. Try to be as patient as possible because as frustrating it is to repeat yourself, imagine living everyday having to ask everyone to repeat themselves. I've been in situations where I tell someone I'm HOH and they are laughing at me because I still don't know what they are saying. Not only does this make me feel stupid, but it makes me feel even more excluded from the environment/situation I'm in. Just be kind, patient, and understanding. :)
Well.. I walked in Pizza shop. I wrote a note about order a pizza. They think i'm looking like an illegal alien who don't speak english. I hate rudeness people.
Whenever I am having a conversation with a deaf person in a hallway or in a public setting, It annoys me whenever a hearing person (I'm not saying all of these hearing people do this, but in general) walks up and sees us having a conversation and they would stop and wait for us to finish the conversation or they would "duck" down and walk so low in order to not to block our visuality. It always is a distraction for me because it will make the conversation go at a screeching halt.

Most of the time, I'm nice enough to say "It's ok, Go on and get through." If they were to walk right through without an interruption, it keeps the conversation at bay. With that, I do understand that most of them are not aware how distracting it can be for us deaf people.

When I am at a deaf event or in a setting where the majority of people are deaf, They usually would say "Excuse me" and walk just right through when the conversation takes place. I know it might seem rude to some of us but to me, it isn't entirely rude. If they were to stand between me and the person for a period of time, then yes, it would be rude in my opinion
Are you saying that it is ok to walk between people having a Convo if you don't have anywhere else to go? I was taught that. Just clarifying!