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Mar 6, 2003
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what do you think of dating several people at the same time, i am not talking about being a player, lets say several people asked you out but at diff times but problem is, they may want to get serious, what do you say especially when they ask what are you doing on friday or thurs and you have a date.......... i am all for fishing to find the right fish in the ocean of love :) but i never date more than 3 guys at the same time and I let them know that I want to be friends and we are just hanging out. I dont let them get too serious unless I want to be serious also. I dont lead them on that would be majorly wrong to play with somenes heart.
i dont see anything wrong with that cuz its a good opportunity to meet new ppl and get to know them -- i go out on dates to get to know women and have a nice evening and nothing else

i know what u mean in ref to how some ppl would think ohh yea first date become an item -- that is not always true
right BabyPhat -- i dont consider that a player type of behavior -- if a person WAS/IS a player -- he/she wouldve had sex on the FIRST date and seecha u know what i mean q
In HS I used to play this game where I'd see how many guys I could date at once without any of them knowing about it. Now, let me say, NONE of these were serious, we're just talking dates here not relationships. Most I ever had going was 9, but 3 of them knew I was seeing other people. The mean thing, though, was of those 3 I knew 2 of them were dating someone else... and I found out it was the same person, so I arranged a date with one guy at a place I knew the other guy would be with this other girl... And they both thought it was getting serious with her :shock: I was SOOOO mean in HS....