cynthia lennon


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Jun 28, 2011
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Cynthia lennon died today age 75
yoko...poor old Cynthia when ever she skint sold bits of his stuff off..she just part of my teenage years...if ever see pic of beatles with blond girl that john wife Cynthia...paul mcartney wrote song hey jude for her son julian
Cynthia is also the mother of Julian Lennon, John's first child.
Wow, I am not aware of John Lennon's first wife. I thought that Yono was his first wife but now learned that Yono was second wife. I am shocked. :shock:
I always felt that Cynthia got a raw deal. I was no fan of Yoko.

I've read that John was a harsh husband.
he hit Cynthia I not fond of yoko cruel woaman..I suppose keeping name lennon after having two more husbands was some consulation as he left her destitute with a child and still using that name it helped financially yoko hated her for doing that