CI appt :)

Just wanted to wish you good luck now!! :D keeping everything crossed for you!
Alice, good luck. i think your case should be approved according to your past history.
Good luck at your appt....Im sure you are just as eligible as I loss just happened faster thats all. I am doing amazingly well as I come up to my one year appt (May). I am talking on the phone almost everyday now with strangers and very infrequently have to ask them to repeat...

Im sure you will be are the ideal candidate (young, healthy, post-lingually deafened etc...)
well my CI appt is on monday but my audi is thinking I wont qualify because of my fluctuating loss was all over the place in my ASSR and then my ABR was normal so she was really confused...but we'll see I go monday...
Make sure you've had multiple opinions from different audi's & doctors before considering CI's.

A lady friend of ours had fluctuating hearing loss, and her audi recommended a CI, which turned out to be a big mistake....she had seizures, and other bizarre neurological side effects for two years, then had the CI removed. Problems went away after that.

It has put a strain on our friendship since I was the one who answered all her questions, and she was expecting to see a similar outcome as I did. I've learned the hard way to not talk about it as much....
Wirelessly posted

I know plenty of people with AN get CI and it said it work great for them, one kid I read the blog about have normal hearing on ABR but in booth testing he was profound so he got bilateral CI and loved it
Hopefully it goes well for you. I had my evaluation 1 week ago. Well beyond the acceptable range for CI. Excluding my low frequency, most of my high frequency is below 80-90dB. Got a ct scan coming up. Now its just deciding between AB and cochlear.
Good luck AliciaM. I wish I knew how to post my audiogram. Mine does not move off of the bottom line at all. Has anyone seen one with those results? I am in the process of getting a CI. Just waiting for insurance approval and getting up the nerve to have the surgery. If I go ahead I will be getting Cochlear with the Freedom processor. I think Nucleus5 is still on recall????????
Angel, it's the Nucleus5 internal implant that's on recall. I think you would get the Freedom internal implant with the Nucleus 5 processor, as that's what new Cochlear implantees are getting these days.
I have the MedEl Opus2 and very happy with it the last 3 years . Now I am working on gettng the other ear implanted with the MedEl Opus2 soon !!

AB have way too many recalls and implants are still failing .

Cochlear have the same ole internal parts with a new " shell' and had a recall with their internal implant recently.

So, MedEl still ROCKS off the charts !!!
All 3 implants are MAN-made devices, and any and all man-made devices can and will fail at some point. There's no denying that.

I just got my AB implant turned on yesterday and so far so good. No, I'm not hearing things, it's just beeping/busy signal tone on a phone line sort of sound going on right now, and feeling sensations in my head/ear with different sounds. But, as long as I keep feeding sounds to my left ear with the implant on, hopefully over time it'll get better and start sounding more like the actual sounds instead of beeping.
cdm, congrats! I am so happy you finally got your implant. Just hang in there and keep practicing with the CI.
Just an update I still was not approved cuz ottawa sucks and i've recently taken a break from school because of being overwhelmed and stressed
Alicia-my experience at Sunnybrook/Toronto is really different than yours in Ottawa. I was advised on the first appointment I fit the criteria to be implanted-subject to the physicals. That was 5 years ago.
How much my Canadian Hearing Society/Toronto multiple classes played-unknown. The quick referral by ENT-St Michaels/Toronto with my hearing history of almost 40 years-also unknown.
I understand all 3 centres use the same" Ontario criteria"-Implants.

If memory serves me right-Sunnybrook referral-audi-Feb 4/07 with approval of the surgeon on Jun 20/07. Operation was July 12, 2007
I became bilateral DEAF December 20, 2006. Aside- I wasn't retested in 2007 Sunnybrook/Toronto.

Hopefully you can get resolution shortly