caption call phone to mobile internet


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Jan 12, 2013
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has anyone connected a caption call phone on a regular line and the internet line to the cell phone's internet wifi?

I'm aware that the cap call phone has wifi settings.

I currently a setup a hotspot with my laptop and a LG Tribute Empire's wifi internet. I need a way to connect the caption call phone to the cell phone's mobile internet. this is supposed to be a temporary/backup thing.

Currently, I am having issues with the landline internet for a number of days. that is no internet.
I used to have caption call app on my mobile phone. but very slow and very much delay. So I use this google voice work in google chrome with live caption. It works best for me on the computer. but not yet tested on the mobile phone. l just leave it open on the brower on google chrome to get notifications. It is easier for me to know when I am receiving an call on google voice. It is Free! you can call anyone in United States of America!

If you want to try it.