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Oct 2, 2003
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I am currently studying to become an ASL Interpreter. Reading these posts has been very informative.

About 10 years ago, I was working through a temp agency (mostly clerical jobs - receptionist, etc. . .) and the agency called me one day becuase I was the only one they had who knew some sign language. A company was taking some of its employees on a one-day cruise (gambling, luch, etc. . .) and one of the employees was deaf. So they called this temp agency and they thought of me. I explained that I didn't know a lot of sign lanuage, and was by no means certified, but the company said, that's no problem.

They paid for me to go on the cruise, gave me $50 to gamble with, and paid me $20/hr. My job was just to be a sort of companion for their deaf employee. I felt bad becuase I felt that this guy deserved a more qualified interpreter, but he said that becuase it was a fun, casual setting, and nothing really needed to be interpreted "he" was the one who insisted they just get someone he could talk to, and not interpret everything that was going on.

It was such a good time, and I made a very good friend. Something a certified interpreter (bound by a code of ethics) would have missed out on.
sounds like you had a great time , but i don't understand the part about a certified interpreter not being able to do this type of assignment because of the code of ethics. if the deaf consumer has no problem with your social activities than you are following the code of ethics. called common sense. as long as the ground rules were setup before hand then this would be fine. the gambling money maybe not. your assignment was to provide companionship with no pressure or responsibility to interpret. i've had gigs like that and i am certified. always had blast, but it's always been for gentlemen or a couple. maybe i'll get a nice attractive young lady if this ever arises again. good luck.