Bedtime Battle

Iceriver said:
Sorry for not keeping up with the update. I have set a different routine and it seems to be working, but don't know how long my son can keep up with it. Hopefully, he will get used to it because it's better for him. I emailed to my son's Father and his mother is involved as well. Ive gotten some parenting support from them, they had a chat with my son about his behavior. When he came home, he told me no tv, I should dress myself, I need brush my teeth, etc. I was surpised because he always demands tv, and refusing to brush his teeth, hates bath etc. It worked. I know it could improve big time IF my son and I move out in our own place. The other two people who are living here are bad influence on my son :( I can't afford first and last rent and furniture. It sucks.

Thats great to have family member involve and to have support system.. however.. can you talk to two people who living with you .. just ask them to show some respects to your son's needs?
like.. I need to talk about things to work out since i work hard to have my son to be on schedule for bedtime and etc.. could you please show some good examples to him.. something like that..
Also if you are going to do the chores around the house like do laundry or cooking. Let your son help you out. It works great when I had my son. That also spending time with your son too. I am sure he will love it and will learn to help you out around the house as he get older. :D Good luck!!
I think he probably have autism because cannot catch up with parents.
volcomskatz said:
I think he probably have autism because cannot catch up with parents.

you seem to keep forgetting that we're talking about a THREE YEAR OLD kid here.