Awesome Memes

Lol, something strange with that site, I had already tried with opening the link, but got an error message. Taking your tip in mind I tried to post the URL here as an image and I do get to see it. So thank you for the advice :)
Now that's weird. I couldn't see either Silver Roxy's or DD's, but after I did a preview of mine then posted it I could see both of theirs. Strange

Yeah that's the only way I saw it when I replied and her post showed up as a quote in my reply box.

If you can't see this (Silver Roxy's meme) then go to
That's strange! Thank you for posting the link for everyone to see!
Pixelpushing is the new meme. (...or had it always?)
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So true lol


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Funny... no Hillary masks in Walgreens... only Trump's

Unless you count the Grim Reaper mask (for both of them).
That harley Quinn pic might be enough to spur lots of wacky Halloween costumes to do lol.. should be interesting