ATTN: Those who wants to do interviews/questions/surveys - Please read this FIRST.


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Nov 7, 2005
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First of all, AllDeaf would like to make a warm welcome to those who are interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf Culture, Interpreting Students or anything else that is affiliated to the Deaf Community.

There are some things that I want to bring in light of this before you guys consider making a questionnaires/surveys on this forum.

As you know, We oftenly see a lot of these questionnaires/surveys through out the year. A lot of times, we see these newly registered members that signs up to post these questionnaires and then when the questions are answered, they usually leave.

Some of the times they make such posts that are for their homework assignments. Please do not expect to come in here to find quick answers just because it is for your homework. If it is for your homework assignment; You are expected to search the answers for yourself because there are more than plenty of available information/resources on this site in a lot of different forums.

The goal of this is to make a purpose to reduce the needs of pooling these general examples of answered questions for these guys are available, we have a general answer, it prevents unneeded user registrations and lessens "overall posts" even though it might not be that much.

These are the varieties of such common questions we would see;

Is any member of your family deaf?

Where you born deaf?

What does being deaf mean to you?

What do you prefer to use a TTY/ttd, relay operator, videophone or other? Why?

What are our educational backgrounds?

What school do you/did you go to?

Why do you prefer to use that particular method of communication?
While we understand this is for you guys to come on this forum to search for the answers that you need for whatever reason it is, This is not to say that we are pushing you guys away. That isn't the intention as it seem to be. You guys are more than welcome to come on this forum to inter react with other members and to find what you're looking for; but in overall; I ask that all of you guys need to take this in consideration to see what really underlines beneath of all how this information can be easily obtained if you were to be reputable to make the search on your own.

Secondly, If there's nothing that has been mentioned on this forum that has been said to ask questions that hasn't been asked; Please do so. Just remember, There are a lot of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that has already been here over and over from time to time on this forum. These questions has been answered numerous of times.

Now with that being said - If there's anything else that needs to be added on this; Please do so and with respect as always.

Thank You. :)

P.S. -- I also would strongly suggest for you guys to look and check out various threads that relates to your interests on such forums as -- Our World, Our Culture Forum, Sign Language & Oralism Forum, Deaf Education Forum and Captioning & Sign Language Interpreter Forum to get the answers from there.
I couldn't agree more. I think the purpose of an assignment to "interview a Deaf person" is to meet one on one and use ASL or other means to communicate. I doubt it is the teacher's intent for the student to post questions here or ask them via e-mail.
Great post, Jolie, and I could not agree more! A teacher's intent in giving an assignment is to place the student in the position of seeking out answers and learning how to find them. Simply posting questions here and expecting that members will do the work for them is not helping the student to learn. Nothing wrong with them using this forum to find answers on their own, but I see no reason why they should be provided again and again when they are already available and require minimum effort to find them.
and also.... just make it up :bowlol:
and also.... just make it up :bowlol:

yeahhhhh, coz sometimes i will make up my answers when i get sent those questionnaires without knowing what they are for. so they might as well as make them up on their own. :naughty:

well, i couldn't tell you how many times i have answered the SAME damn questions over and over again, all those years- i'm prone to get naughty.
There been days that I get very sarcastic at them and answered questions like you cant believe.
How about putting all the old ones (questions and answers) into one catagory? That would make it easier for the new people to find it and do the research there.
If it appears to seek an understanding or theory critique of an aspect in deaf culture, I would gladly assist. Otherwise, assignments related to statistical purposes is really a waste of their time and can be more accurately found in journals relating to their subject.
I totally agree also...I am hearing, I have several reasons why i am here. I am here for friends, male or female - just friends. I'm here cause I have an obvious intrest in the Deaf community. I want more than anything to learn as much as I can about the Deaf and HOH world. and yes I am in school to be an interpreter. and yes I have assignments, my teacher is Deaf and she suggests video chatting as one of our interaction grades. So my intentions are all good. I dont have any questions, I have the internet and the library for that. I simply want to get involved. I know it sounds weird to say..." I want deaf friends"... That's like saying "I'm learning spanish and I want Latino friends. That sound kinda... I don't know. I can't help that I am attracted to ASL. I love to sign and learn new signs. I want to be an interpreter because I feel that I have an ability to help communication barriers between hearing and Deaf, if help is needed/wanted.. I'm so happy to be welcomed to alldeaf. I just wanted to clarify my presence. ;)
:bump: In case, i bump this thread to get anyone who wants to get involved with those kind of questions or deaf community or so. :D

I have to say that this is, by far, the best thread you have ever written!! :thumb:

On a more serious note, I've noticed that the questions are very rhetorical in nature, some want to open "Pandora's Box" and others are just so stupid that there's no way that a teacher/professor would ask a class to write on something so assassinine as trite questions. :roll: As a communication studies major and graduating in one week, I see these questions being quite elementary and no substance to them at all.

Thanks for addressing this, Jolie! I kinda wish these people would come back and view their threads and comment or at least thank everyone in the thread, not in their message and then ask for the thread to be closed. I think that's the least they could do.

Not only that, but I've received pm's from people asking me for a date that I've never even met before and it's just disgusting and they're from new people!

Yes, that's me and Snickers, my hearing dog standing next to Scorch, the mascot at Minnesota State University Moorhead. No, I'm not fat, the picture makes me look that way and I had trouble trying to focus the pic before posting. If anyone wants a better picture, pm me and I'll send you one.
This was a much needed thread, Jolie. If I see one more
"Help I need _____!!" or "Can you answer_______?", I think i'm gonna :run:.
Great post, I hope people read it! If not, we can send them the link and then they can read it. :)