ASL Zoom Class

Korey Geer

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Jun 26, 2017
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I waited on zoom for 15 minutes on zoom. If your still interested and want to join my ASL class. Or if you haven’t signed up yet Please private message me for details. The classes will probably be every Monday about 7pm central time.
I would love to, but I am low vision. The deaf blind department of the Texas workforce commission is supposed to be help me with that, but I think they’re still under some Covid restrictions .y caseworker suggested I try the Deaf action center but idk if they would get completely frustrated with me. I am quite nervous with all of it tbh. The vision thing is something I’m used to advocating for, but the hearing loss is thing I’m not… I sort just tried to get by but then almost being hit by a truck that was literally a foot away from me kinda made that, and learning to deal with it a priority. Sorry for the long post.