ASL student trying meet new people


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Nov 6, 2012
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Hi, I am an ASL student in college and I would love to chat or possibly get to know some deaf, hoh, or hearing people who know asl.:wave:
Hello My name is Andrea and I am also an asl student in college looking for study buddies.
write back and we can get to know each other and maybe video chat.
hey everyone, im new to this site and would love to meet new people and learn more. :)
A hello to you. If you really want to meet people and get to know them then be sure you join the dicussions on the various threads. Only a few of the members bite. Lol
Shy ASL beginner

:wave: Hello, I'm Twiggy. Hearing and learning ASL. Looking for people to practice sign language via Skype and to make friends: Hearing, HOH, or Deaf

Skype s/n: ellsworth252

feel free to add me as well, I am hearing and learning ASL, just finished ASL 1. Skype:sc24evr
I also know ASL and am a hearing student in college. Feel free to add me on skype SN: avrydude
Hey! I'm 26 and have recently discovered that I am HoH! I am trying to learn ASL together! Maybe we can practice what we know with each other! My skype is :degrassiwizkid :)