Apple devices

The sooner the new MBP models come out, the better. I don't want to buy one now as the GPU in them is the same as a year ago.

However, I'm having more and more problems. Games are causing it to overheat and shut down. I'm also suffering this issue:

...far too often in OS X. OS X just gives up and restarts, Win7 at least manages to recover from a blank screen after a few seconds. The solutions detailed in there have helped but not eliminated the problem. Laptop is 4.5 years old now anyway, it's had a good run :)
what Speech to text programs are best for late deafened who doesn’t know sign language well enough to get along?
NexTalk offers Access Home with Speechpath, which does speech to text of phone calls (landline or cell). Currently to a browser on a Windows machine only (including tablets); soon will be able to use with iPads and Macs. seems good for speech to text in online meetings (i.e., Zoom, Teams, etc).
At first I found iOS AKA Apple products not user friendly. Then one day I used an iPhone for sum reason (this was a *really* time ago.) Than I liked the iOS system so now I have an iPhone 5, and an iPad Air (no number.) I'm kinda wanting to change to Apple laptop, but I don't know. But those are the only Apple products I have at the moment. Now I will be getting the new iPhone 14 soon. I'm really looking forward to that. I like the size of that phone. I was going to get the 13, but then I saw that the 13 is pretty much the same size as my current iPhone.