American Deaf hand signs

This is a great website that many who want to learn sign can utilize. Maybe this website could be used to train employees some signs to help out their deaf customers!
Hi Guys, my name is Oriana E. Montes, I am a hard-of-hearing person, also I am a student at Community College Baltimore County, there I am taking Introduction to Deaf Culture, as part of our final project I need to have an interview with a deaf person. If someone would like to help me with this, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks in advance
Hello Ori, There should be a Lutheran Church not far from you that does Deaf Services if they are still doing it 40+ years on. I am not pushing religion at all on this one. Just strictly a way to get in car and drive to where the deaf are. Maryland is full of Deaf everything to it's virtual eyeballs so a bit of google for this association that organization or whatever with Deaf would be all around you.

Interviewing is not necessarily a good way to meet a deaf. You need to be with that person and just communicate. It will be painfully obvious that you are learning. Heck I am too myself all these years. Some of the young ones have a language all their own.

Regarding the website, I will have to sit and explore it and see if it matches what I know here. There will be regional and national differences in the USA. And habits too. For example ther eare at least 4 variations of the word Computer referring to the big bulky cranky error prone device sitting on the table. Its a bit much to go into all that. So you as a deaf would *Snip* down to comp and then point to a imaginary box on the table while talking about it.

Unless it is s formal military order or work place order and so forth then those signs will be really accurate and take a while to convey from Boss to worker.

At some point catching a deaf to interview in person is a bit much. But that will come along in due time. You just have to go fishing for one.