A parent looking for support.

We just found out that our daughter (1) is completely deaf. What are the next steps?

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Mar 17, 2004
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We were just given the news yesterday that our one year old baby is profoundly deaf in both ears. (She can't hear a thing.) Coming from two hearing parents this has been extremely upsetting for us. We are looking for support groups, resourses, anything that can help us. We have an appointment at "The House," in Los Angeles, California. Does anyone have any other suggestions, or is there a better place to take her? Thank you for helping us. We are looking forward to joining your family and making our daughters life as normal as possible. Thank you again for your support!
I'm glad to help you with some of the answers.

I'm Deaf myself since 2 yrs old. And my parents decide to take me to Total Communication which means learning ASL, speech, and lipreading.

I strongly suggust to have you and ur family learn ASL (America Sign Language) this tool will help alot instead of oral method.. oral method takes long time and it will probally delay the communication system. Babies at age 6 months can start talking by using ASL.. My son is currently 22 months old and he can even sign to me "Daddy" "milk" "outside" " want more cookies" "orange" " apple" "banana" few others.. he start signed to me when he's 9 months old.. his first word was " milk"

As for Cohlear implant.. It's very tough desicion. There are some risks and some success. Suggust do some Serious Reasearch on CI. some CI companys will try to pull you into having ur daughter to get it right away.. That thing i think its wrong thing to do since they're wanting money from parents.

Support groups.. This is something i don't know since i don't live in California. hope someone else help you with this.

you can always get many good information about how to raise a deaf child, and many more.
I have 2 website that i know of
www.harriscomm.com or www.hearmore.com

as for state resource.. i don't know same thing that i don't live in california

Hope those information helps :D
G'day -- my parents, both hearing, were quite upset when they found out I was profoundly deaf at age 18 months old. Fortunately for me...they had the determination to ensure that I received the best type of education and support during my childhood years.
They weren't upset at all when my baby sister was also diagnoised with congential deafness as well. It was due to parents' recessive genes. My mum went on to learn and become proficient in sign language (SEE - Signing Exact English) then switched over to ASL after my sister and I had long graduated from high school. SEE's not really well received by the majority of the deaf community as they believe that ASL is their primary language.
I used Total Communication which consisted of both oralism and signing methods. I went through speech and auditory therapy sessions which greatly aided me in developing my skills in speaking and lipreading and so forth.

What I would suggest for you is to find some support groups -- I know one called, GLAD (Greater Los Angeles for the Deaf), but don't recommend that business for you to seek resources from due to some conflicts they have. Anyway, try googling for any deaf services available in L.A. -- I haven't heard of 'The House' before, but if they do provide any services and support for parents with deaf children, then go for it and find and collect as much information as you can.

There are some threads in AllDeaf about education and which are benefitial for deaf kids and all.

Cheers. Your daughter will be right. :)
Another thing -- forgot to tell you that I'm a Californian myself...but living in Australia and I have a C.I. -- just do serious research on the C.I. first and weigh the pros and cons about whether to have your daughter obtain a C.I. or not.
I personally am against children getting C.I.'s at a very young age -- would much rather that parents waited until the children are older and can decide for themselves. But again, it's the parents' decisions, not mine. :)