1. Navisayshey

    New! Hearing And Looking To Learn :)

    I'm a hearing person that has just recently started learning ASL and am looking to make new friends and to help improve my signing
  2. michelle privette

    Slowly Losing Hearing...

    Hi everyone my name is Michelle! I am 18 and double majoring in music performance and education. My goal is to become a professor. However, I am slowly loosing my hearing so I don't know what to do. I can hear fine one on one while the person is looking at me, but it comes extremely hard to hear...
  3. languageautodidact

    Hearing Language Learner(:

    Hi, I'm Brittany. I teach myself languages, but I'm also taking ASL in school. I love learning about the Deaf culture and learning how to sign. I am looking for Deaf or HOH friends and people who might be able to help me learn and grow in ASL and help improve my knowledge of Deaf culture.
  4. L

    Hearing Person Looking For Other Learning/hoh/deaf Friends :)

    Hey guys! I'm new hear but I'd love to jump in and start learning more ASL along with my prior self-taught knowledge. If anyone is willing to help me learn then feel free to message me. :)
  5. D

    Asl Learning App For Young Children

    Hi everyone! I am trying to develop a free app that will help young children who are hearing impaired or have parents who are, learn ASL. I'm trying to get as much information as possible from people in the community who have children, or learned ASL as a child. What would you be looking for in...