1. HRissa

    New here!

    Hi hi ! I just joined so I hope I’m doing this correctly lol. I am 21 yrs old ( just turned this March). Im into a lot of different stuff so feel free to ask me anything. I’ve been learning ASL on and off for a couple years now. 2 1/2 yrs in highschool and currently taking my second asl class...
  2. OmgshKara


    Hi, my name is Kara I am new to learning ASL and would like to make friends so that I can practice more and learn to communicate better. I am a hearing person and do not know anyone that is deaf or hard of hearing. Is anyone in the South Florida area?
  3. TamaterPatater

    Pleasure to Meet You

    Good day to you. My name is Colleen, I am located in Colorado and have been learning ASL in a little under a year now; two semesters in college, and more so on my own. I am hearing but have an interest in languages, especially ASL. I learn languages because I would like to create potential...
  4. ivan contreras

    Asl. Hearing 19 Male.

    Hello, my name is Ivan and I'm hearing. I had a friend who was deaf so I became familiar with ASL. Recently I have forgotten a lot of it because I haven't kept up with practicing, people around me don't know ASL so I need friends who do. Add me on snapchat: sitokid Have a great day :)