1. F


    My name is Freya, and I am 15 years old. I am interested in learning BSL! It recently struck me that I cannot remember reading any books written by HoH authors, which led me to realise how undereducated I am on the subject. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to how I should...
  2. itsmezali


    Hey so I’m possibly writing something (I know it’s the worst thing to hear from a hearing person) usually when I get an idea in my head I can see it played out like a movie rather than a book but I thought I’d give this one a try until I realised my mistake: I have no idea how to write from the...
  3. itsmezali

    Surprise Signing

    So I work in retail and ever since I’ve been learning BSL (from my Deaf coworker) I’ve gotten to know her friends and people in the area who are D/deaf or HoH. I have also signed to two other D/deaf customers in the store who my coworker doesn’t know and they were both really shocked that I was...
  4. itsmezali


    Hey! So I’ve been learning BSL from my friend at work who is completely deaf and when her friends (who are also deaf) come in to visit her she includes me in conversations and will stop to tell me a new sign or explain something. One thing that has happened a lot is that different people use...
  5. Ambuhhlurr

    I feel like this video may be relatable for some and educational for others so i'll leave it here.

    I usually don't like the "don't say this to *insert*" kinda videos but I feel like this one is pretty spot on and addresses a lot of things and questions people say/ask to those with hearing loss and deafness. I find it relatable and thought some others would. I also thought this might also be...
  6. O

    Bsl training courses - chesterfield, uk

    BSL Training Courses starting this September! One to One Support Services are the only Signature approved BSL Training provider in Chesterfield, We will be running our highly successful BSL Training Courses both Level 1 and 2 starting this September. The courses are run during term times in...
  7. J

    Could an app that translates sign language to text be useful?

    Hello Everyone! My name is Jay, I am currently completing a 4 year Bsc Computer Science degree. I am making my Final Year Project where I am planning to make a Sign language translation application which translates sign language into typed text. I want to develop an application that will...
  8. rachel-sw

    Student practicing bsl

    Hi! I'm a student in the UK learning BSL and Deaf studies and wanting to learn more about the Deaf community!
  9. E


    Hi there, I'm new to the forum. I was born mildly HoH and started to lose the rest of my hearing in my early twenties due to Ménière's Disease. Currently have fluctuating hearing loss, varying from moderate on a good day to severe on a bad day. I'm both oral and signing, my BSL is not yet...
  10. J

    'how To Sign Animals.' New Book Series Teaching First Signs To Children

    Hello everyone, Happy Easter. I've published the first in a series of picture books designed to introduce children to sign language. the books come in BSL and ASL editions. the first is 'How to Sign Animals with Terry the Monkey (BSL edition).' Terry is a monkey who can sign. It is proving...