What are you thinking about?

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I am thinking about how some people are just luckier in life than others.


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Iam thinking I can't believe AZ cards and Steelers are playing against each other tonight and I have to relive the nightmare!
I know the feeling , we did the same with those ugly NY Giants :barf:

AZ will kick butt hehe


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tendons take forever to heal. :mad2:
It's been three weeks now. I thought once I take meds, etc... it would work better. Unfortunately it doesn't... so now I'm on *rest*. I'll still attend my gym classes but jumping and running for me is out of question for now... We'll see how it goes from there. If not better within a week or two I'm off to the doc (again) :roll:

I soon need to register for a special membership card at the doctor. He has seen me this year more often than the past 5 years!!!!! :laugh2:

Thanks for the support though :hug:


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I am thinking how much I am looking forward to checking out this rock and roll bar in Baltimore with my neighbor. :) I am all dressed up and waiting for him to arrive.


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I find it strange that I went through my midterms without a hitch. But that's a good thing since I'm not stressed out about my classes unlike last term where I had a lot of heavy hitters. I'm thinking about taking another class on top of my current load so that I can finish school earlier. I know I can do this because there's plenty of general ed classes to go with the classes related to my major.


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I am thinking I am worried about one of my dogs-
Is your dog sick? Does your dog's heart beat fast when he is relaxing? If yes, then go to the vet right away. Do you think that your dog is getting low immune? If yes, you might want to cook real food instead of dog foods (i.e. dog cans from a pet shop). I cook chicken for my dogs, and some raw bones. You might have to ask the vet for a Titer and Lyme blood test (one blood test tube). A heart worm is another blood test, but you can order the heart worm pill once a year - instead of a heart worm blood test because, I think, it is expensive.


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:ty:webexplorer -

I have been cooking for my Rottie girl for a couple of weeks now - before she was entirely on raw food. Came up w/a case of campylobactor, which we saw both the holistic and conventional vets about. We had a full blood panel and urine and stool samples at conventional <primary> vet's office and test results came back with said bacteria. Have spoken w/other raw-feeding Rottie and people and our breeder and after much consideration decided after 12 days to start her back in raw food, and she was fine a couple days ago with intro. of half duck neck and the next night I gave her the other half of this neck. In morning she had bile. I started cooking for her again yesterday and will do until we can get to holistic vet again.
:ty:again for your thoughts!

<webexplorer, I REALLY agree with you about the "real foods"; we also do titers> :D


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Found a hotel that costs me $AUD650 for 5 nights in NYC....I'll be considering that but I may change my mind for another one, when I return from my interstate holiday trip.
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