Who's Looking Forward To Football?!

Steel X

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Only a few more weeks until Football begins! I can't wait! I'll even be going to the Carolina Panthers' game this October. :D

What about you? Which team do you support and why? :P


Brady lady
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I am so looking forward to it! Even preseason just to watch Jimmy Garopollo warm up.

My team NE Patriots :)

Jane B.

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I am not for the simple reason that once the football season starts you know winter it not for away and I HATE cold weather!

To top it off the Rams are no longer in St. Louis and the way the move was approved was shameful! The owner outright lied about conditions in St. Louis and now to top it all off he is part of a group that applied for tax support of a development project in the area.


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I'm ashamed to say my brother is a San Francisco 49er fan. How low can a person get?

His team and my Seahawks clash on September 25, and we have a ton of money bet on the game. Two whole dollars!


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Gonna cheer for the Los Angeles Rams.. should be interesting to see how the Rams do after moving from St. Louis back to Los Angeles...


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I think the Tampa Bay Mariners will win the Super Bowl this year. Blake Griffin looks great, I think he will score a bunch of touchdowns this time around.