Who is single here?


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Because they are sooooo cool!!!

let's see,
lets go on to something bigger than turbos, but it works on the SAME prinicple but the difference is, it doesnt ASSIST, it is instead, IT IS!!...
so how we do that?

first of all

remove the exhause pipe to compressor, because we want FRESH AIR not spent hot gasesous waste

get rid of Conrods why? its a waste of energy all it does, its convert circular motion into linear motion and back...

complicated and heavy castings that has lots of BIG ROUND holes are jsut too damn heavy and has own tiny rooms for exploding soon-to-be hot gasous heat that is going to be sources of Motive Energy.
This part is called cylinder and head, let gets rid of it , shall we?

add a much much higher potential fuel source for igniting flames, and ensure its much much lighter too (to carry in tanks - so the power to weight ratio is much higher too) and also the flash point is much much lower...how we do that?
chuck petrol away, use AVGAS or Jet fuel instead....

now, similar to Conrods, the cranks is a waste of energy, its HEAVY (of course to withstand the brute linear forces coming from its translation from the other side of the Conrod), it only could have been a much much better set of blades, rather than some chucks of steel rods all in the wrong place...

now make the Engine case more simple, ROUND and LONG, not some weird V shape with tiny holes and a maze for tiny gobs of air... just make it ONE BIG MOTHERFUCKING BIG HOLE!!!

ta -da
cram all in the blade where the crankshaft was, into the big long case with ONE bug hole...it has more injectors than 8 , more like 20 but thats fine, because its a BIG HOLE and really needs it

Its called

USE that in your car...
its the ultimate Turbo

its work the same way BUT
its is also an ENGINE
it compresses, SPINS...REVs VerY HIgH and SPITs ouT LOTS of heat, AND THRUST!!!!
the thrusts isnt wasted on cranks..just on the other side, AIR!~~~ but this time, a million times HOTTER ,
so the Newtonion's law of action and reaction gives you a ride, so much heat=thrust you'd be slammed so hard in your seat, seeing the horizon flatten and lampposts are just picket fences in blurs...!!


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I live a very depraved life as a sinner and one of the unsaved. I mainline heroin and snort coke and I don't remember the name of half of my bfs unless they bring me new dope. That's life as a depraved atheist for ya :lol: Watch me sink to new lows. :smoking:

but atheists would never ever define themselves as a sinner lol


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im single too

i have never dated before and like to meet others like me.
hard of hearing when have hearing aid but without them deaf i like to
meet single men too but cant seem to meet them if too far out from


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Was single all my life till I got married on August 12, 2006 at the age of 41! It was way tough to find the right woman. I did not marry the right woman. Long story. I felt no choice to marry! Dating was real tough! I was Hard of Hearing (now Deaf thanks to Meniere's) so living in between two worlds was tough! As I got older, much older women wanted me and I was like noooooo! But I married one anyway because NO one younger wanted to marry me at the time or no one my age when I was in my 20's or 30's. Only the users wanted me. One I was engaged to who is Deaf and she cheated on me! Another I was engaged to who is Deaf kept changing her mind for six years. Wasted my time! Another Deaf I was engaged to always like to blame me for everything and I had hard time finding job in Miami. Soooo.. That is all in the past.

Some of you spoke about RIT girls.. Well, I was up there as a student for a year but left because of the way college there treated me like crap. Long story. It was discrimination. And I noticed during that month long orientation program for Deaf and HOH people that the Deaf and HOH people quickly find each other to date and have relationship. I was furious about that because I wanted to take my time to get to know the ladies! So, I ended up with one who is Deaf when I first met. She used me and dumped me four days later! She then said a lot of bad things to me and said bad things about me to the Deaf Community at NTID/RIT. That was one of two main reasons I left. I hated that Community there and hated RIT. Sorry, no offense but I am stating the fact! Worse school ever! I went somewhere else whereas there were no Deaf people and much smaller and quiet there. I was happier there. The Hearing RIT females well.. they seem to ignore me. I left anyway so I did not really have a chance to meet Hearing RIT female students.


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Been single my whole life, actually. I think my shyness of approaching guys has been part of the problem :dunno2:

same here actually, im worse now, im 42 and still single...(and no im not a 42 yo virgin) but still feels that way...urgh its terrible... but guessing by your avatar if that's you, you wouldnt have a big problem within say 3-5 years bet on it...
you'd be fine


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tell me about it i am single at 36 yrs old....no kids either...hope to have one by time i turn 39 at least but doubt it.


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I singel shame on my gf is screw up me 0.o no idea lol. break up again 3 times no idea I don't think so no love heart on my gf not work on follow heart doesn't work I don't think so stop old on past I find out new another match on wise make sure , I wait for before on my experience on match on how, I do tell you I knew on people not easy break up on frustrated, well it is pretty relationship not easy problem!