what is print on palm (pop) and why i use it


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Print-on-Palm (POP) is a simple method of communicating with a person who is deaf-blind and familiar with printed English.

To use POP: With your index finger, print your message in the palm of the hand of the person who is deaf-blind. To make each letter, follow the diagram below, which indicates the recommended direction, sequence and number of strokes for each letter.

Use capital letters only, except for the letter “i” which is lower case. Print only in the palm area. Do not connect letters. Pause after each word. If you make a mistake, "wipe" the palm, then print the correct letter.

If the person has speech, he or she may say each letter and word aloud as you spell it. This is a good way to know that your message is being understood.

Guidelines for Helping People Who Are Deaf-Blind

no im not deafblind i use pop as it easy for hearies to understand "write the letters of what you are saying into my hand"

great system for the deafblind
and for the deaf who need something who family does not want a bar of signing

downside are that its 1 on 1


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I use POP to get through my day all the time. Every time I go to the store or run into someone I know that doesn't sign I use POP. Very useful!