What do you do for living?


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I am a certified educational guidance counsellor. I also run a non-profit for vulnerable children. A hustler and faith optimist. A loyal arsenal fan too


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Engineer for manufacturing in North America plants.

Any deaf mechanical/chemical engineers out there?

There is or was a major Deaf University in the Rochester Area.

I could call to mind a few classmates who were in electrical stuff in Vocational at the very beginning of the PC Computer Era back in the 80's they most certainly have gone to that University to get educated on those things.

I have a little myself but its not certified, not diploma'ed, not bonded or gauranteed. Just a prayer, tool box and a sick 18 wheeler deep in the remote mountains a day from Civilization.


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There is or was a major Deaf University in the Rochester Area.

Yep that's NTID- National Technical Institute for the Deaf. They are connected to Rochester Institute of Technology. They're still going strong. I wonder if NTID and Gallaudet still do the NTID/Gally battle thing (for the life of me I can't remember what that whole day is called. They do all kinds of challenges, events and games. I had a T-shirt but I have no idea where it disappeared to.

Me- currently a Processing Clerk.


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I am hearing and actually provide closed captioning on everything that comes across our project list. Anything from webinars to meetings, to lectures, to programs and movies. I am also working on getting certified for professional genealogy and learning ASL to provide services in the deaf community for genealogy research.