What are you thinking about? Part VIII


Brady lady
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I can’t wait for Friday! Trans Siberian Orchestra livestream concert! Still the orchestra plays ..


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Can't fall asleep, so many thoughts. How to get rid of this?
I like to meditate so at night when I'm thinking too much I try to connect with my breaths "In, out," or just soothe the thoughts flowing with "Thinking, thinking" until it calms down a bit. You don't want to try too hard though or else it'll stress you out!

You can also think of your thoughts as leaves dropping into a river, and flowing away. Or butterflies flapping around in a garden, then away to somewhere else. :)


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Thinking about selling candles more... Did first Fridays for a while then stopped... Thinking about going more into it... Rabbits are profitable... But sometimes feels like a drug deal...
Candles rule! What is your favorite kind of candle scent?

Also breeding anything alive usually costs more than what you end up making...it's a lot of work to do ethically


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I am forcing myself drink coconut water and VILE coconut oil it surpposed good for you make you healthy,not sure up chucking is the idea.
Hehe I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like coco water!

I was on a weird diet a couple years ago and became acquainted with coco oil in the way you describe. Can't look at the stuff any more without a little blegh noise


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I've been preoccupied by the nightmare I woke up from today. It left me bawling most the morning and I can't shake the anxiety. Today is a real struggle for me today. Trauma dates can mess with a person. If you're a person struggling, be kind to yourself. Hell, be kind in general. Even if someone looks like they have it all together; no way to know what is going on inside.


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So where is Reba and Tincansailor, and all the others ? I see Rio , old analog as well as a few others still active. Did the site die off with the older members?