What are you thinking about? Part VIII

I can’t wait for Friday! Trans Siberian Orchestra livestream concert! Still the orchestra plays ..
How many of the original members are still here...
Remembering those who passed too soon and all the memories made along the way.
Can't fall asleep, so many thoughts. How to get rid of this?
I like to meditate so at night when I'm thinking too much I try to connect with my breaths "In, out," or just soothe the thoughts flowing with "Thinking, thinking" until it calms down a bit. You don't want to try too hard though or else it'll stress you out!

You can also think of your thoughts as leaves dropping into a river, and flowing away. Or butterflies flapping around in a garden, then away to somewhere else. :)
Thinking about selling candles more... Did first Fridays for a while then stopped... Thinking about going more into it... Rabbits are profitable... But sometimes feels like a drug deal...
Candles rule! What is your favorite kind of candle scent?

Also breeding anything alive usually costs more than what you end up making...it's a lot of work to do ethically
I am forcing myself drink coconut water and VILE coconut oil it surpposed good for you make you healthy,not sure up chucking is the idea.
Hehe I am glad I am not the only one who doesn't like coco water!

I was on a weird diet a couple years ago and became acquainted with coco oil in the way you describe. Can't look at the stuff any more without a little blegh noise
How the pandemic is over :applause:but some people just can't let it go:D:barf:
I would love it if that were true but it's just not. The isn't a hospital bed free in the entire state here. I just lost three family members to it last month. I have three clients with it right now. Two had to go to the ER. It's not over as much as we wish it were true.
I've been preoccupied by the nightmare I woke up from today. It left me bawling most the morning and I can't shake the anxiety. Today is a real struggle for me today. Trauma dates can mess with a person. If you're a person struggling, be kind to yourself. Hell, be kind in general. Even if someone looks like they have it all together; no way to know what is going on inside.
Im Thinking, about...... Maybe, adding to this thread. Not sure yet what to say, so I may think about it a little bit longer...........
So where is Reba and Tincansailor, and all the others ? I see Rio , old analog as well as a few others still active. Did the site die off with the older members?