Valentine's Day, love it or hate it


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A holiday that is celebrated with a fat toddler pointing a deadly weapon at people doesnt sound too amusing to me ;) But ill take flowers and a stuffed bear if you are offering lol


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my boyfriend James send me nice gifts necklace that he order online from overstock and my dad had no clue!! That makes me embrassment eve on valentine's day!!

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Turquoise Heart Necklace
Sterling Silver Marcasite and Turquoise Heart Necklace |

and also he send e-cards messages about lit dinner two of us but he busy to do for move to Australia so i told him on e-mail dont worry maybe next year im pray for that if not im hope so..


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my V-day plan is to go to Russian Spa in Brooklyn with my jew friend. in fact - I'm going to see him now :cool2:

What the man ? U gay ?