The Lounge thread: Whatever you feel like......... Anything goes! Part XVIII


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Go Panthers #notmysuperbowl

There was no NFL team when I was born and lived in NC - 1987 to 1991. :lol:


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Interesting, I used to live in NoVA - Quantico Base and Woodbridge, VA. :)
I was mostly in the middle and southwest. I worked in the Shenandoah Valley for a while before coming to NC. I haven't been to Potomac Mills in forever. Not since the Bullets were around.


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Hello all!!
I have some questions, hopefully is ok if I post here?
Does AD still have a blog area for members? And if so, where?
Also, it's nice to be here. Thanks for everyone being so kind.
I think after the forum was switched to a new server it was eliminated? Im not real sure but again I never used it. Maybe someone else will know more.