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As teens in the Deaf / Hard of Hearing (or even hearing community!) and the LGBT community, what are your fears, concerns, worries, or whatever relevant to things like coming out?

If you are already an Out-of-the-closet teen, how old were you? What was it like? What were your emotions before and after?

I was 15 when I cam out, during my Freshman year in High School. Now I have just turned 17 on 4 November of 2013, and am fully out to all but my family.

When I came out to my friends, I was scared, but I got a lot of support and everyone treated me equally.

But I fear coming out to my family due to religion (Mom), anxiety and impulsivity (Oma) and just complete rejection. I don't want those to happen, but I don't want to keep this in me forever.

I am so glad I have really close friends that I can go to for help with this, and I can talk to :)


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My opinion is wait until you are out on your own if you fear it might go bad. My father (HOH) did not take it well, and hasn't talked to me since.