"Stickey Situation"....


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Don't you just hate it when you step on chewing gum someone has thrown out in the yard?.....Pain in the arse to get it off ur shoe....

My doggie came in yesterday, slightly limping, and dragging pine straw and debris from her back paw....I checked her out to find a big wad of gum stuck in her paw....she fought me when I was trying to pull it out...so I got some ice and small scissors....small rocks were imbedded into the gum also....

Got most of it out...and she's been biting and chewing on the rest....and swallowing whatever she can bite out....guessing she'll be blowing bubbles whenever she farts now....:giggle:


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not sure if good advice but nail polish remover how to get it on without him kicking not sure some form of big scarf with you holding him the usual ice cubes...best of lot if you knew little shit who did it post it back right by front door


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After both my kids got very short haircuts after my oldest stuck gum in the youngest's hair, I found out from a neighbor that peanut butter is supposed to be a good way to remove gum.


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Oh, boy. Reminds me of the time when blowing big bubbles with gum would mess up your hair if it got big enough and popped. That would've been a heck of a mess to deal with.


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I never tried it myself but supposedly cooking oil may help loosen the gum from hair, too? :dunno2:
so I can't vouch for it, but who knows..?