Ski resorts


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Heavenly in South Lake Tahoe:
Reason: It's beautiful with various option trails, and you can always find a cheap hotel/motel to stay....great lake view and good restaurants/bars around + CASINO lol

Snowmass near Aspen:
Reason: It's huge, and impossible to finish them all in one day.

Aspen Highlands:

Reason: Jiro and I hiked on top of Highland Peak and went downhill with 45 degrees angle.

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WHOA 45 degrees slope. I cant do that. I am still an amatuer skier. LOL. My instructor who goes to ASPEN every year for several years. Hes 74 yrs old, and still go there this year with his wife. Its his favorite aspen resort.

I dont know much about South Lake Tahoe. I will ask him about that one.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with ski resort.


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Vail. Snowmass. Aspen Highlands.

I will check out Stratton and Whiteface soon. Next year... I wanna check out Stowe, Lake Tahoe, and Utah.