Should I fight for an interpreter?


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I'm not in Csign's shoes or any parent's shoes to determine a parental's "value" regarding his or her deaf/hh son/daughter. If ya'll want to make an impression, offer something constructive to parents, and let them make the decision instead of "Well, so and so drove this deaf son/daughter hundreds and hundreds of miles everyday to camp, (what have you)" which decidedly implies/imparts a certain slight to parents whose constraints we don't even know or understand and say they are essentially not "doing enough" or worse "shitty parents."

Not my call. It is after all a parental decision. Give them the info so they make an informed decision instead. Leave crap in the wake is not going to work.

Numerous constructive solutions have been offered. Some people are not willing to use the solutions. They are much happier staying in the problem. It validates their role as the victim.


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I think once is enough. no need to repeat your same message in different words and longer. and no need to put the words in someone's mouth. if nobody called her a shitty parents, then nobody did and that's a fact.

Yep. Again with the unsubstantiated accusations. Some want to make others look so intolerant and judgemental that they manufacture things that were never there. Keeps them in the victim role, and gives them an excuse for not accpepting responsibility for their own action or inaction.


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I went to one but at that time I was such a big time audist thinking I was superior over the signing deaf so it didnt go to well for me. My loss. At least now, I know I was wrong and the Deaf community in Phx have forgiven me. :)

See there? Honesty is not that difficult!:giggle: Just follow Shel's lead.


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:laugh2: Oh, I know ... I could broaden the options significantly: there are many AGB activities in this area and we have two Clark schools with summer camps and several mainstream programs that offer summer sessions. But you really think people would think more of me if we pursued that sort of thing? :evil:

I'm just surprised that CA has soooo many, and there's not a single ASL deaf camp listed on the Gally site within MA or RI. Wouldn't you think: Martha's vineyard ... ?

(4 more years, and Huntsville, here we come!)

Why be concerned with what people think of you? Do what you believe is best for your daughter and then stand by your decision with confidence.


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Cool map! Where'd you find that?

I could offer more, but will shut my apparently big fat mouth right about now.

Doesn't really matter. What you say will be twisted to make it appear that you are being judgemental against all those shitty parents, anyway.:laugh2:


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I have read most comments here. The simplest solution is...

to enroll your son into California School for the Deaf, Fremont or Riverside, he will have no problem interacting with Deaf/HH kids after school activities because sign language is ready for him to communicate with other kids.

I wish you the best of luck. :wave:


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Oh, jillo to defend CSign I think she started the OP for discussion....she wanted to make sure she wasn't a jackiesolarnizo....remmy her? "Oh I want the most cutting edge accomondations for my kids so that they can get into a Brand Name University!" (for those of you who are new, Jackie was the mom of two kids who were doing AWESOME (by any account) with minimal accomondations...but b/c she wanted the newest thing, and she felt so entitled, she was fighting for CPrint for them....And before I get attacked....If her kids had clearly shown to need something like cprint (ie they were obviously struggling, like making Cs instread of As) I would have been all " go for it.
CSign, it is 100% OK to ask for a 'terp. You're not acting all entitled or anything. Your son has clearly shown that he strongly benifits from the use of a 'terp, and this will provide for 100% understanding.
Also, re the camp. I know that CSDF is a bit far away but on the other hand...I know that parents have trouble sending their kids off to camp....but I also think that if you did send your son to overnight deaf camp he would come back LOVING it, and it would be one of those things where he talks about it all the time etc. Yes, its a long way away....but the benifit is SO worth it.


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I am guessing she is hearing?

Regardless for extra curricular activities and such and not provide him with a Terp for P.E. of after school functions I don't think it is a bad thing. In fact, I think it is good to expose him to more independent learning with out a Terp. Only reason is because you can't pay for a Terp to follow you around all your life. I think everyone regardless being deaf, blind, etc.. should learn to cope with the everyday problems of being around people. Not sure if I make complete sense or not but, I tried.

I mean does she realize that deafness doesn't prevent her son from doing anything but, hear? I mean I do fine, yeah I wear hearing aids and lost my hearing later in life and learning to read lips has always been an ongoing struggle for myself but, I cope with it. I only have about 40% understand of speech on with my hearing aid.